Does the American Public bare any responsibility for Terrorism abroad? Ignorance and 100+ Missiles say Yes, in light of (No) “Chemical Attack”

OK I’m sorry but I’m going to have to hit you hard this time. Put your feelings, ego and belief sets aside before continuing. I recently posted About the chemical attack in Syria having been portrayed fraudulently by the mainstream media. The position was supported with factual points which raise reasonable doubt. I’d like to say that not one person remarked on this. There was not one response not one share not one anything. What does this mean exactly? Does that mean that the subject matter is not important to you? Do you really think that it has nothing to do with you? I would like to say that if you fit into either of the following two categories, you have absolutely no right to have a position on this matter.
**You haven’t done a moment of research on the issue beyond what you’ve been fed by mainstream news sources, which you apparently trust.
**You are too afraid of the reality that what I’m saying is true, to face the actual facts and realize the implications thereof.
The fact of the matter is, that the information you get from mainstream media is coming from one of only 5 information gatekeepers that own all of the mainstream media on earth, ON EARTH, Not just in the US. And those same media moguls are the same people who are Friends and Business Associates with the Same puppet presidents and politicians who are using the story being fed to you, as kindling to incite the fires of Fear, Anger and the Demand for Justice within you, the “American” public. I put quotes on American because I’m stripping you of that title now. If you like this place and call it home, but aren’t playing an active role in how it operates and have no clue what it’s really doing, in Your name, at home and around the world, you shouldn’t be calling yourself that.
Let me show you how this works, because it Just Happened:
Step one: The False Flag Event:
The real factions of global political engineering conspired and paid or coerced a group of people to run into the hospital in Douba, Syria, in a fake panic, have them begin shouting ‘chemical attack’, and start hosing people down, while filming themselves doing so. Causing others to panic and hose people down.
Step Two: The Obvious Reaction of an ignorant public:
“Oh the children!😭😭”. The “American” public at large is disgusted by the cruel, unjust and inhumane actions of the ALLEGED perpetrator who’s picture and video are strung together with the story of the ALLEGED chemical attack, and that same American public, who’s feelings have been clearly (but not to them) manipulated, supports the puppet presidents call to Bomb several targets in Syria by launching over 100 missiles.
Step Three: The Bombing:
The US launches dozens of missiles at Syria. A country in which our military has been UNLAWFULLY engaging in war efforts assisting the Saudi Forces in ways that make us actively participating in a war without the approval of congress or the American public.
Step Four: The Destruction of Evidence:
The International Chemical Weapons Inspections Agency was set to check on Syria’s Chemical Weapons operations in just 8 days. We literally destroyed evidence knowing that was about to happen. Why? Maybe materials would trace back to our country/military. We won’t know now.
So to put it bluntly, you, the American public, are responsible for those missiles and any lives whether reported or not, who were lost in that storm of terror we unleashed. Because whether by supporting the actions or simply not opposing them, you perpetuate and enable them. You’ve forgotten your power and trust your rulers. That’s NOT how this system was designed.
But by Contract and Law, acquiescence, which is the staple of the “American” citizen, you allow and agree with all of the actions perpetrated by our “leadership”. To say or do nothing, in law, is to submit to the rulings and accept them. Which bares responsibility.
At this point, several respected and credentialed individuals have put their names and reputations on the line and have come forward with the same acts I’ve been mentioning, and are TELLING YOU IT WAS A FUCKING LIE. That we bombed this nation based on a LIE, an intentional false premise used to manipulate you and get your approval.
Will this be enough for you to start to question things? Are you strong enough to face these facts and even more disturbing, the IMPLICATIONS of these facts? Don’t you want to know where it it ends? How much of what you’re told which shapes your opinions and Gives you your made up positions on everything that’s going on?
Not one person was treated for chemical attack injuries. NONE! ZERO! No traces of any chemicals were found. No burns. Just a regular dusty day at the hospital with some breathing issues from soot in the air. Until the White Helmets ran in with a camera and a panic.
But you don’t care. It has nothing to do with you, right? Not your problem?
You’re being lied too and have been for a very very long time. Too many incidents like this one have been scripted to engineer and steer your emotions and garner your support for our terrorist actions around the world. Do the world and yourselves a favor, start asking questions. See the holes in the story and don’t be too afraid to point them out. This period of the Capture and Control Of The American Psyche IS SO OLD and has got to go. I can’t believe you let work you over this long. You really should be ashamed of yourselves. Let’s show the world that we do have some life left, and that we do care about them, ourselves and how we Act.
It’s time for change, and it begins with you. Awaken, and join the shift.
…it was Phaet.
-The WordsMyth
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