***BREAKING STORY” Phaet.org Podcast “It Was Phaet” Ep. 5 Tortured Hero: A Soldiers Story


Ep. 5 Tortured Hero: A Soldiers Story




This Episode of the Phaet.org Podcast focuses on an Incredible story that illuminates a few corners of the vast dark side of our military. Retired Army Veteran Mike Barbot, who is battling PTSD,  sheds light on his harrowing journey to Ramadi, Iraq, and the after-war he faced against the very institution that sent him there in the first place. This story is sure to get attention as it directly implicates our Military in the engagement of Fraud, Conspiracy and the complete Exploitation of our soldiers.


Acronym Key:

IED – Improvised Explosive Device

EOD – Explosive Ordinance Device

FOB – Forward Operating Base

AWOL – Away Without Leave

Wastes Of War (just a few)

US Military spends:

– $20 Billion a YEAR, on air conditioning in Iraq and Afghanistan

– $363 Million a year on weight loss surgery for military family members

– At OVER half of our Nations Total Budget, US spends more money on the Military than the next top 8 countries…COMBINED. (As of 2016)

NDAA ACT National Defense Authorization Act 2011

This Act violates due process protections provided in the Sixth Amendment’s right to be properly charged before detention and to a trial as well as Article 3, Section 3 of the Constitution, which guarantees those accused with treason additional due process protections. The bill is accused of significantly expanding the military’s detention authority. Among other things.(Has the American public become so neurologically defunct and apathetic as to simply allow the systematic destruction of their natural born rights?? Sure looks that way).

Non-violent Revolution should always be the first choice…Until you’re left with No choice.