Our NGO has a Strategic Partner which is an R&D working-group with over 40 years in innovative R&D and IP implementations in the agriculture sector and is a major player in sustainable farming products, formulas and methodologies.

Our relationship supports an Initiative that will propagate a transparent and cooperative infrastructure to support Indigenous Food and Water Security programs and Soil Regeneration applications through the implementation of research and development projects providing sustainability for Urban, 3rd world communities, and Indigenous nations worldwide. Our group has developed eco-friendly, organic, NON –TOXIC products and solutions for use primarily in the agricultural industry while also having expanded applications for sustainability programs in education, health & wellness symposiums as well as agricultural production for trade of Edible nontoxic Organic crops. This initiative will implement local farmers markets, food distribution centers for relief and other Humanitarian aid missions invoking environmental stewardship and community restoration. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a particular focused interest in this area and need our solutions or would like to help or get involved.