Real 1st Peoples

Perhaps the most important issue of all. The Indigenous issue. The issue is that people, society, and governments alike, have forgotten these people. All of them. On every remote Rez, in every state in this country. We have allowed for their true history to be erased from existence, which leads to a mass affliction of out-of-site out-of-mind. These people are our ONLY real connection to the past. Their stories passed down from generation to generation never change and are mirrored by almost all other tribes accounts of the Ancient times, from all over the globe. So, to quickly review the story, they were Killed, Terrorized, had their land simply Taken, were Pushed out of the way, were given No Education, and had their History Erased and Re-written even though they’ve been around way longer than anyone else, since the beginning, What an atrocity that we should allow such a circumstance. However, it is time that things change, in a profound way. It is time that the ancient history as well as the ancient knowledge truly be made know to the masses so that the holes in their hearts and minds can begin to fill back in. THAT is how POWERFUL, the information truly is. It allows us to know ourselves, truly, infinitely. As well, it is time the Vatican and the “Queen” release their holds over the land, lives and liberty of the indigenous peoples of the world. What do you think the fallout of that would be? I’ll tell you, you would see an era of Sustainability so raw and beautiful, the Earths Waters would be healed, the air decontaminated, the land would turn lush green, and every man woman and child would have access to True and Valuable Education, Clean Free Energy, Pristine Energized Charged Frequency Structured Nano-Crystalline Infused Water, Organic Superfoods and other Herbs and Mushrooms as Food Medicine and Diet, Spiritual Temples and Healing Centers Constructed using Sacred Geometry Industrial Hemp, Rare Earth Magnets, Salt and Resonance Chambers and Essential Oils, Separated areas of Land for wildlife without zoos and left In-meddled with, Greater Cultural Exchange, and an Overall Happier Healthier Peaceful World. And I’m Not exaggerating. But first, we must recognize them. We must act in solidarity with their plights and help push for change, to be the change. The world has no idea what it doesn’t know. I am excited for every instance that a person realized…when they Awaken, or Re-Awaken, I love those, the problems of the world get a little lighter every time that happens. So, here are the goals:

  • Write and TEACH their true histories
  • Teach the ancient Sciences and Esoteric Knowledge, or at least make available for those who hear the call
  •  Reparations and Land Reconciliation
  •  Lawful Status as being ONLY under the Authority of the Creator
  •  Have Royalty Concede Our Superior Royalty, They know.
  •  Allow them to thrive and Effectuate Positive Change
  •  Allow their Natural Medicines to be taught and implemented
  •  Allow them to form a Cohesive Body to be recognized
  •  End Substance and Physical Abuse from their lives
  •  Protect Mother Earth

I believe we can achieve these goals and it does not need to take a generation, it can happen when we are collectively ready for it..when enough of us have had enough with denying the truth of the Indigenous people, things will change. I’ve had enough. How about you? Please support our Indigenous based NGO/Civil Society as we have a host of great projects which need initial funding in order to build, or maybe you like to let us know about an event or an important happening or on-goings to do with your Tribe, Clan or other Indigenous based group.

Please feel free to contact us anytime via any of the methods listed here, for any reason which you think would be synergistic like to tell your story, to sell a product on the site, any thing like that. Contact us to get news about a forthcoming Treaty for our Indigenous Brothers and Sisters :))