Mission Statement

The Peoples Honorable Alliance for Exposing the Truth is a movement operating with one mission, on three fronts. Our organization seeks to bring to light, and expose the public to information which up until now, has been hidden, suppressed, redacted and fraudulently re-written, through lecture, art, interaction, dialogue and media. The idea is simple. Knowledge is power. And sadly, today, it is a very small fraction of a fraction of the population, which holds most of the knowledge, therefore, wielding all of the power, over the rest of us. Our purpose is to, resuscitate, reawaken and revive the Questioning Spirit of Humanity, which clearly we have lost in complacency, acceptance and mass cognitive dissonance. It is only through the thirst for Truth, Knowledge and Wisdom, that we can truly know ourselves, each other, and our reality.
It is the contention of those in control, that we are incapable of handling our own affairs, and that we need them to dictate every aspect of our lives, and in doing so, they have established a system which has usurped our energy, our minds, our spirits, our compassion, our connection and our brotherhood. Our goal is simply to play the best possible role we can, in the Paradigm/Consciousness Shift that is currently taking place. The more of us that strive to evolve in spiritual wisdom, the greater chances we will have at redirecting our world, towards a much brighter present, and future. Simultaneously, we endeavor to unite all of the fragmented truth movements around the world, into one amalgam of awakened, illuminated beings of Peace, Love, Truth, Freedom and Justice.
Not only do we seek to unite those movements and all of you beings of great potential, we also seek to unite the Indigenous peoples of the world. It is time for the prophecy of The Eagle (Tribes of the North) to reunite with The Condor (Tribes of the South), all of them from east to west, and bring back the spirit of those who have been the only ones shouting from the rooftops since day one, that we must treat our Mother Earth with love and respect, now that Enterprise has left her in almost complete ruin and devastation. It’s time we listen to those with the most meaningful and positive messages, not those seeking the lowest bottom line, with the greatest return, without regard for anything living. We are Honored and Humbled by every individual, group, tribe, empire, family, nation, empire, company or any other entity, that joins our cause. Together we can accomplish anything, no matter the odds.
Lastly, the only way that any of this has value, is if we are also bringing SOLUTIONS to the table. We and our network have, ready for implementation, a nexus of Cutting Edge and Ancient Technological Solutions for the purposes of Sustainable Development. Take the time to review our ‘Solutions’ section to learn about the technologies we have to offer. We are actively engaged in and seeking out more Projects which need our solutions. In this time of global despair, we need to increase the amount of time and energy we spend Talking about Sustainability and Solutions, if we are to get to manifesting the results the solutions can bring. No longer should you keep yourself blinded by the False paradigm which has trapped so many into believing we live in a finite world. It is not. The truth is precisely the opposite, as is with most of what we’ve been taught. Our reality is one of pure abundance. There is enough of everything for everyone to have what they need and then some. There are universally harmonious alternatives for everything we need, like food, medicine, building materials, fuel, energy etc… They have always been there. However, greed and the lust for power over, has stripped us of all of that knowledge and of all of those technologies, just to have more control. If you’d like to help finance a project or technology, or if you need one of our solutions, please engage PHAET.org, that’s what we are here for. Awaken and return to your true self, the being of love, compassion and wisdom which you truly are and always will be. Join the movement, this journey will be one to remember.