A Conversation with Vinnie DeStefano of AssangeDefense.org

Vinnie DeStefano of AssangeDefense.org discussing his organization and the state of Julian Assange's court case.
In London speaking with Vinnie DeStefano

A Conversation with Vinnie DeStefano of AssangeDefense.org

In this Interview, I sat down with a true G in the realm of activism, and had A Conversation with Vinnie DeStefano of AssangeDefense.org for which he is the National Organizing Director. I go where spirit leads me, when I can afford both the time and the costs involved. This case, as both a citizen AND a journalist, resonates with me deeply, as it should with you, the beautiful person checking out this podcast episode.

These conversations took place in London February 20th and 21st of this year 2024 during the 2-Day Court Hearing for Julian Assange at the Royal Court of Justice in Strand London. It can’t be overstated that Julian is undoubtedly a Political Prisoner and his Human Right to Free Speech and Expression has been egregiously and flagrantly violated by those who wish to silence him, and ultimately all other like Julian who seek to disseminate the DARK TRUTHS, many governments will kill to hide.

Vinnie DeStefano has also worked with the ALCU and in a separate video, you’ll hear some interesting updates from Vinnie and another activist regarding that organization’s actions or lack thereof, as it pertains to Julian Assange. It’s FIERY, Do Not Miss!!!

During this short discussion we get some background into Vinnie DeStefano and his organization, as well as some insights into the current state of affairs as it pertains to Julians case and the broader ranging implications. Make no mistake, Vinnie is an All-Star and I am honored to now call him a brother.

Please take the time to hear from a person who has been in and is still deep in the trenches for this supremely relevant and ongoing case.


-The WordsMyth

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A Conversation with Vinnie DeStefano of AssangeDefense.org