Nikola Tesla, who is still not well known enough, is perhaps the most well-known inventor in modern times, to push for, and develop a solution for, FREE ENERGY. If you don’t know the story, Tesla was building hi Wardenclyffe Tower in Calverton Long Island, with investment money from JP Morgan. More than half way into construction, JP Morgan asked Tesla this question: “Now Mr. Tesla, where are we going to put the meters?”… To which Tesla, the humanitarian inventor replied, “Meters? No, there will be no meters. This is my gift to the world!” Well, Moneybags Morgan didn’t like the sound of that, as it meant missing out on untold fortunes. So he responded by knocking down the nearly completed tower which would have delivered Free Energy to the ENTIRE EASTERN SEABOARD OF THE UNITED STATES, and burning Tesla’s laboratories with all of his research and paperwork in it. The NGO we are with, has a Strategic Partner who can recreate the Tesla Tower, with more modern components. They have already received Phase I financing, but are looking for the right investors or municipality to work with to create a fully functioning model. Contact us if you have a particular interest in this area.