What is The Lost Heroes Collection:

The Lost Heroes Collection is a new line of jewelry, clothing and accessories, which directly display the likeness of people, across generations and oceans, whom at some point, put their name and life on the line, against very powerful groups, in order to do something genuinely good for the rest of humanity.

Brave Individuals who were strategically and intentionally left out of the history books, barely whispered about by Mainstream Media, and if so, with what purpose and level of authenticity? The ACTUAL heroes of not only American, but Human History. People who we should be taught about, in order to inspire. Instead we are force-fed lies and half-truths about terrible human beings and made to CELEBRATE THEM!?!

The lost Heroes Collection aims to AWAKEN and INSPIRE. To Awaken, or in most cases, RE-Awaken, the Questioning Spirit of Mankind.. How did society become disconnected to this most vitally important and natural endeavor? The one that truly dictates our progress. When did this happen? And who pulled the strings? The story of Nikola Tesla is a heavy one indeed.. But even this story, just barely scratches the surface. But it’s a great starting point because its something I think we all can agree would have been an amazingly beautiful direction for humanity.. Free Energy literally would change the game. And some of our fellow human community members decided amongst themselves, that we shouldn’t have that… But he tried to give it to us. I believe that in 2019, there are more people every day who are becoming “Woke”… and that often begins with stories like this one.

I believe that more young people than ever, are seeing that the construct of our society, is an unhealthy implosion waiting to finish. Which is great, because it means more people want to see positive change. The Lost Heroes Collection really speaks to that idea, that by raising awareness about situations like these, which affect us all, that we can ultimately shift the frequency of our world, over to one which resonates with love. Things are happening faster than ever before. We can see significant change in our lifetime, if we collectively want to, bad enough. That starts with communication.

Not only will the conversations around these pieces be eye-opening, but they will bring people together, make people actually think and have deep substantive discourse, while bringing the truth of one of our Lost Heroes, right back to the conversation table. That keeps them and their legacy alive, while igniting us to begin laying the foundations of ours. I would like to Thank You for taking the time to learn about The Lost Heroes Collection. I Thank You further, if you have decided to be a part of a movement which simply aims to say the We CAN Do Better.

Watch the following short video to learn more about Nikola Tesla, and the ring we created.. 🎞 🎥 🍿