Flare Gas is the title given to associated fugitive gases which are released during the processes of oil and gas extraction. These gases are burned or flared into the atmosphere, leaving a trail of devastation so far-reaching, its effects are felt by all. The air suffers major degradation as well as does our ozone layer. In-turn, rainwater becomes saturated with the chemical compounds flared, and is then deposited into the ground and ground water. Now you have polluted water and polluted vegetation. Humans and Wildlife then consume both the water and the vegetation, as well as the animals who are consuming the same. The cycle of death and destruction continues. As a part of an indigenous nation, our NGO has strategic Partners with Technological Solutions for Capturing the Flare Gas and converting it back to a reusable form which can either be sold or used to power the same operations, saving millions on expenses and erasing the operation’s carbon footprint, and healing our world. Please contact us if you have a particular interest in deploying this technology for your operations or if you can bridge a dialogue with those with extraction operations.