Too many communities around the world are unable to acquire clean drinking water which poses many health threats to all generations of people and wildlife in these areas. Through our Strategic Partnership, we have access to several different types of Water Purification technologies which can be by installed in areas of need. Systems can be shipped whole or built on site depending on the region. Systems will use varied methods of purification such as reverse osmosis, sediment pre-filters, treatment tanks, auto-backwash valves, Carbon Blocks, Ion Exchange water softener, KDF and Phosphate Media, Granular Activated Carbon and/or other applicable methods to ensure the best quality of clean, potable water. This can even be done using the worst quality water available, having it come out clean and clear on the other end of the treatment processes. Please contact us if you have interest in our Water Purification programs whether it be to donate a system to a needy village, to tell us of your hometown’s needs, or any other helpful ideas.