Our Gaming Strategic Partner organization’s purpose is to provide an environment for both recreational gaming and the professional pursuit of competitive gaming as a career through training and development programs. This helps promote community outreach by providing a platform for different teams and community members to have a unified association which will represent mutual interests. This ensures the fair treatment of youth and adults alike, across the spectrum, promoting a healthier lifestyle by utilizing structure, training and development, to cultivate future gamers, architects and social engineers in academic pursuits within the professional gaming atmosphere. The Company will donate five percent of annual profits to our NGO and related arms of operations for Humanitarian projects in every country in which we operate. Our team’s leadership in Finance, Marketing, Management Consulting, Software Development, Digital Media Technology, Television Studio Production, Logistics, Transportation and Competitive Gaming makes us uniquely suited to the success of the league and our humanitarian focus. We will also be working on the development of multi-media education and training facilities. Other Gaming companies out there are simply not doing enough for the needs of the global community. Our Gaming Partner plans to pioneer a strong sense of Humanitarian duty within the gaming community and hopefully cause a domino effect. In this early stage, the Gaming Company has already been sought out for some amazing partnerships with 23 countries in Africa through contacts in Kenya. With some marginal working capital, we can make so many wonders happen for the global youth community looking for more creative and exciting fields to work and be competitive in, as well as facilitating awareness campaigns and humanitarian projects for the people both native and indigenous, as well as for their environment.