Ivanka Trump, President Exposed Contracting Factory Labor in China with Workers/Human Rights Violations

Ivanka Trump, President Exposed. So, not only is this family a bunch of two-faced Hypocrites, after POS POTUS Daddy Donald Trump made Very Strong statements about bringing jobs back home to America and then sourcing Chinese factories for their clothing lines, EVEN WORSE, they KNOWLINGLY used factories CURRENTLY VIOLATING Workers Rights, Human Rights and Harassing Female workers. They did so without a care in the world because it’s NOT THEIR PROBLEM, and they are SAVING MONEY, and therefore MAKING MORE MONEY. So for Ivanka Trump, it’s all good, because her Daddy does it. Please stop being fooled, the only thing Trump cares about in this life is More Money and More Power, both very low frequency desires. Not only is he Not trying to make America great (I will NOT say “Again”), moreover, he is INCAPABLE of such a thing, it’s not in his nature at all.