***PENTATONIX Video Reveals CHEMTRAIL-Ridden Sky*** — What do they have to say???


***PENTATONIX Video Reveals CHEMTRAIL-Ridden Sky*** There are at least 8-9 visible Chemtrail remnants in this screenshot taken from an OFFICIAL PENTATONIX MUSIC VIDEO. NO Editing, this was the sky during their video shoot. Do they know? Were they aware of the sky? Are they aware of the nature of those lines, or at least the Ongoing Debate about them? If this story gets shared enough, maybe we can get a response of some kind. There already are military personnel speaking out about Chemtrails and what they know about them. This is a very REAL thing that the public, YOU should want to know about, do NOT confuse these lines with CONtrails which are naturally occurring condensation trails off of airplane engines which EVAPORATE at an even pace with the planes flight. The overwhelming majority of the information out there, says that these Chemical dumps are composed of elements like Aluminum and Barium, both toxic to humans, animals, vegetation, water and air, at the levels tested around Chemtrail areas. Honestly I bet they have no idea they caught this on film. But once they come to know, I would be extremely curious to hear them weigh in the subject, and maybe interview them on PHAET’s Podcast??? Are you guys reading me? We need strong people to be Heroes for the world, by NOT BEING AFRAID to expose what’s really going on. I myself capture photos of Chemtrails all the time. Let’s circulate this until it reaches them.. Do you think they will step to the plate? Or cower to the machine and keep quiet?


Others have made statements. Kylie Jenner brought attention to this subject a few years back:

Vin Diesel has a Chemtrail photo:

And the late great PRINCE, was one of VERY FEW CELEBRITIES to publicly speak about chemtrails, and passionately at that..


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