Ep. 11 **ELECTION FRAUD WHISTLEBLOWER** IT Engineer\Attorney Clinton Eugene Curtis Tells ALL 🔥 🔥

Clinton Eugene Curtis, an IT Engineer and Attorney, gives Direct Insight into the VERY MURKY nature of the world of Electronic Voting and how it affects the Elections. Clint was hired by a Republican Representative of the State Of Florida’s 24th District, to Write Computer Code that would sway the outcome of an election 51-49 in either direction.
In this episode, Clint explains the details of just how simple it is to write such a script, goes in depth on the manufacturers of our voting machines, tells of how the very same script he wrote just prior to that 2000 election, could have been used many times over since then, all around the world. He also gets into some of the actions of retaliation against him for coming forward.
Clint drops Many knowledge bombs over the course of the podcast, so I definitely urge you to listen to the end. I did this interview for several reasons. Firstly, because the story is SO IMPORTANT and SO RELEVANT. It should be a household topic right now. Secondly, because I admire true Heroes, and whistleblowers Are heroes, putting their peace and safety at risk. And lastly, to put an end to this whole Left/Right Farce. I had enough of Ex-President Trump trying to point the finger at one side as if there is only one guilty side that plays dirty. He knows they all do, INCLUDING HIMSELF. So here is the Factual, undeniable truth about a Republican getting caught trying to rig an election.
Let go of the joke of a narrow reality that you have grown up in and been handed down. There’s a lot of talk about being “woke” these days.. I hope you have not lost sight of what that truly means. It means realizing yourself and your capacity, and realizing self AND the world, beyond the Hollywood set they would have you exist within, with false characters, fraudulent rules, restrictive ideas and more, all in the name of Money, Power and Control.
Peace and Love,
I am The WordsMyth.